Fulbright Alumni

The Bulgarian-American Fulbright alumni community consists of more than a thousand scholars, artists and professionals from a wide variety of spheres, including education, government, business, law, the arts and sciences. The Bulgarian-American Fulbright Commission regularly hosts events for this ever-growing community in Bulgaria and keeps in touch with alumni around the world.

If you are a Bulgarian-American Fulbright alum and not on our mailing list, please send your updated contact information to fulbright@fulbright.bg. We will be delighted to add you to our alumni files!

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Alumni Publications

On November 27 the Institute for Literature at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the Fulbright Commission presented the volume “Our Americas 2. The USA as a metaphor of modernity. Bulgarian- American reflections (20-21 c.) The publication is realized with the financial support of the Bulgarian-American Commission for Educational Exchange. The volume includes papers dedicated to the various aspects of the Bulgarian- American Literary relations in the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century. Fulbright alumni like Prof. Albena Bakracheva (NBU)and Prof. Ivan Maldenov (BAS) are among the authors and contributors of the publication. Prof. Plamen Antov, chief editor and project manager, presented the concept of the research. Prof. Elka Traykova (BAS), Fulbright ED Angela Rodel, Prof. Mikahail Nedelchev, literary critic, Prof. Bilyana Doichinovich, (University of Belgrade) also shared their thoughts on the new book, and wished the publication good luck with the readers. The US Embassy representative Ms. Anna Todorcheva, cultural assistant, also congratulated the authors and the future readers.

An exhaustive, in-depth study is about to find its way to its Bulgarian audience.