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Anna Chernova, Fulbright Student Researcher, Sofia University, AY 2001-2002

Check out Anna Chernova’s most recent policy analyses on UK foreign policy and refugee issues here and here. Anna is Oxfam’s senior policy adviser on humanitarian issues. She provides policy expertise on rights, democracy and humanitarian issues in fragile and conflict affected contexts including Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and others. Anna specializes in human security and the political economy of humanitarian crises. With over 15 years experience in the sector, Anna has managed large scale humanitarian operations in Russia’s Chechnya, advised UNHCR Bulgaria on European integration and civic engagement and has worked in parliamentary, multi-lateral diplomacy for the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). At the OSCE, she directed the work of the Assembly on humanitarian issues, democracy and rule of law – with a particular focus on Eastern Europe and Central Asia. In this capacity she has staffed over 20 election observation missions across OSCE area. Anna is from Boston, US. She graduated from Boston College, and is a Fulbright recipient and IREX scholar, having studied refugee and minority rights in Bulgaria and conflict resolution in Russia. She also serves as a Research Fellow with the Foreign Policy Centre in the UK.