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Fulbright Open Lectures 2020

For a fifth year on end the Bulgarian-American Fulbright
Commission held its annual Open Lectures, highlighting the breadth and depth of
knowledge and talent of Bulgarian and US Fulbright alumni. Returnees from the
Bulgarian exchange programs and US guest lecturers shared their specific
expertise in brief, informative presentations on a number of topics: quasars in
the Andromeda Galaxy, blundering as a sign of intellectual development,
humility as a basis for social dialogue, new dimensions of industrialization,
NATO military logistics training, a Bulgarian mural in San Francisco, revival
of Bulgarian villages, the 15th century perception of Balkan nations, early
childhood prevention, credibility of the media in the 21st century.

We are grateful to all the wonderful scholars who welcomed
us into their spheres of competence, and to all the attendants who supported
the event with their enthusiastic turnout.