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Fulbright-Thanks to Scandinavia 2020 Awards

It is a real pleasure to introduce the 2020 Fulbright-Thanks to Scandinavia award recipients: Murad Kasim, who is to pursue a business degree with a focus on IT entrepreneurship, and Tsvetelina Bayraktarova, a young law professional to pursue a degree in corporate law.

The grant is awarded for a 13th year on end. It is a joint initiative of the Bulgarian Fulbright Commission and the Thanks to Scandinavia Institute, part of the American Jewish Committee in New York. A crucial element is the kind assistance of the Organization of Jews in Bulgaria “Shalom”, who help during the preparation and selection phases of the competition. The grant commemorates the saving of the Bulgarian Jews during the WW2 and expresses the gratitude of the Jewish community worldwide to the Bulgarian people.

The competition participants – all Fulbright principal nominees for the Graduate Student award, were interviewed by a distinguished jury panel, each of whom has worked tirelessly to promote tolerance and respect among the different communities in Bulgaria. The panel included the head of “Shalom” organization, Assoc. Prof. Alek Oskar, the Fulbright executive director, Ms. Angela Rodel, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Georg Georgiev, the head of the Bulgarian office of the American Jewish Committee. Mr. Viktor Melamed, the administrative director of “Shalom”, Ms. Anna Mezan, and the head of the educational program of “Shalom”, Dr. Maxim Delchev, whose informative and thought-provoking lectures served as basis for the competitors’ essays.

We wish good luck to the Bulgarian recipients of this prestigious award!