Fulbright Scholar Program

A word of advice from CIES – the deadline for Fulbright Core applications for Academic Year 2015-2016 is August 1st. Less than a month away.

This year’s competition includes 584 awards. Of these, 419 are All Discipline awards and are open to applicants from virtually any discipline - from Computer Science to Art. Scholars and professionals from post-docs to emeriti are able to apply for programs all over the globe.

For information about awards offered in specific disciplines or areas of the world and about the application, see our archived Webinars or register for an upcoming one. The Fulbright Scholar Application and Reviewing Your Fulbright Application Package might prove to be helpful for those with questions about the application process.

Upcoming webinars include:

  • 08 July – Fulbright Opportunities in Europe: A Second Look at Central and Eastern Europe
  • 09 July – Fulbright Distinguished Awards
  • 11 July – All Discipline Awards – What Are They?
  • 14 July – Have You Thought About? – Some Hidden Gems
  • 17 July – Fulbright Flex Awards
  • 18 July – How to Craft a Successful Project Statement
  • 23 July – Reviewing Your Fulbright Application Package
  • 30 July – Reviewing Your Fulbright Application Package 2
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