The Fulbright Language-Training Center offers preparatory courses for the British academic test IELTS.

The test format comprises 4 sections:

  • Reading (60 min) There are 3 texts and 40 questions altogether; the texts are taken from magazines, newspapers, books on topics of general interest; the texts and the tasks become progressively more difficult;
  • Listening (30 min) There are 4 parts with 40 questions altogether; the listening texts are played only once and include dialogues, lectures, and monologues.
  • An interview with the examiner (11-14 min) There are 3 parts. The first part is a familiar discussion, in which the test takers answer questions about their homes/families/jobs, etc. In the second part the interviewees speak on a specific topic for about 1-2 minutes. One minute is given to them to prepare their talk. The third part is a discussion on more abstract topics linked to the theme of the second part.
  • Writing (60 min) There are 2 tasks. In the first task the candidate is required to compose a 150 – word text reporting the information of a diagram, chart, or any other graphic data. In the second task within a 250-word essay the candidate states and supports an opinion, or discusses a problem.

Educational Center Fulbright offers an IELTS preparation course

  • The course (60 academic hours) includes preparation on all the sections of the test focusing on the requirements and success strategies.


Courses: Saturday and Sunday – 10.00 – 13.00., 13.00-16.00. Fee: 330 BGN, including the learning materials, which are used on site in the center.

The course offers a thorough analysis and preparation of all test sections. The students are introduced in detail to all components of the specific test tasks.

In the speaking and listening sections students are introduced to the type of questions, assessment criteria, pronunciation requirements, syntax, vocabulary, structuring and timing of the answer, accents different from the American – e.g., British, Australian, Canadian. They also become aware of rhetorical devices, intonation and attitude of the speaker, and the academic style.

In the reading section students obtain knowledge about the types of questions, assessment criteria, the variety of styles and approaches to text production. They learn how to process long academic texts applying various reading techniques.

Starting with the sentence level, in the writing section the training is focused on the development of the necessary skills to write clear, coherent paragraphs. Students are taught how to report information presented in diagrams and graphs. Step by step the second writing task is practised, in the process of which students perform question analysis and argument structuring; they also learn how to support their arguments and how to compose general statements, introductions and conclusions.

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