The Fulbright Language-Training Center offers preparatory courses for the American standardized test SAT I

SAT I course: – 72 academic hours, 350 BGN
Length of course: – 2 months
Classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays   from 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

The course, which comprise exercises and tasks typically included in real tests, aims to develop students’ abilities in reasoning, critical reading and writing. This is achieved through work on and discussion of model tests as well as real admission tests.

Each test is divided into sections the purpose of which is to test various areas of students’ knowledge in English and mathematics. Depending on the needs of each particular group, whose level is determined through an initial diagnostic test, attention is paid to specific issues, organized as follows:

Verbal section (48 academic hours) – Students signing up for the course are expected to have reached an advanced level in English as the course focuses on a study of approximately 4000 words and their definitions, comprising the list of most frequently used lexical items in SAT 1 tests. Work in class is based on passage-based reading, which enables students to understand what they read, and on sentence completion exercises that measure their ability to understand how the different parts of a sentence fir together. Throughout the course students also review the elements of essay writing and learn to develop and support their own point of view.

Math section (24 academic hours) – Basic knowledge in arithmetic, algebra and geometry is required. Students are allowed to take calculators with them, though it is recommended that they should be used wisely. The multiple-choice questions cover material that may or may not necessarily be familiar to students. Students are also offered techniques to easily find solutions to problems. As for the quantitative comparison task, they learn methods of simplifying and finding values, as well as ways of entering precisely calculated responses.

The SAT I course is conducted by highly qualified professionals.

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Contact person: Ivan Penchev.

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