Fulbright Bulgaria Alumni Grants

In celebration of Fulbright Bulgaria’s 25th anniversary and in order to encourage continued alumni involvement with the Fulbright Commission and community, the Bulgarian Fulbright Commission board has set aside funds to support alumni academic and cultural projects that have resulted from grantees’ Fulbright experience and to expand their impact within Bulgaria. The grants are designed to support alumni and projects based in and carried out in Bulgaria (by either Bulgarian or US citizens who are alumni of the Fulbright Bulgaria program), as there are fewer funding sources for such projects in Bulgaria than in the US and abroad.

In the past, Fulbright Bulgaria has given such grants on an ad-hoc basis in response to alumni requests to the Commission board. The new grant fund will regularize the process so that all alumni are aware of this opportunity and so as to foster transparency in the application and selection process.

Examples of activities that could be potentially supported by such grants include the organization of academic conferences, publication of academic or artistic works, funding for research projects, or support for cultural/civil/educational undertakings that have resulted from a Fulbright project. Support for conference travel should be excluded, as such activity can be funded by various municipal, national and European mobility programs.

Fulbright Bulgaria Alumni Grant parameters:

-Maximum award amount: BGN 2,500 per project
-Number of grants per year: 2-4, depending on amounts requested
-Frequency of grant cycle: Proposals will be solicited twice annually, in spring and fall (dependent on the availability of funds). The current upcoming submission deadline is February 15, 2022.
-Eligibility: all Bulgarian and US Fulbright Bulgaria alumni for projects based in Bulgaria; preference will be given to alumni/projects that have not previously received extramural funding from Fulbright Bulgaria
-Selection criteria:

  • preferred projects will have a direct tie to alumni’s Fulbright experience and will advance the goals and values of the Fulbright Program
  • preferred projects will engage the Fulbright alumni community and expand the impact of the Fulbright program in Bulgaria
  • projects that have attracted support from other funding sources/partner organizations will be given special consideration

-Application process: short application form, including project proposal and budget Please apply here.
-Selection process: Fulbright Board reviews applications and makes selection
-Projects must be carried out and all reporting completed within one year of receiving grant


Deadline for submissions: The competition is open on a rolling basis. The next submission deadline is February 15, 2022.

To check for results and receive further information, please contact Program Officer Maria Kostova (mkostova@fulbright.bg; mobile:+359 879164095)