Advisory Services

To accomplish its primary purpose to provide accurate, unbiased information and advice about the full range of accredited higher education institutions in the United States, the advising center of the Bulgarian Fulbright Commission has developed the following services:

  • offers information about the U.S. educational system;
  • provides institution-specific information;
  • advises on comparability of diplomas and degrees;
  • offers information about sources of funding and financial support;
  • offers information about the Fulbright program (application and selection procedures; grant categories and eligibility requirements);
  • offers consultations on the application process to institutions both on undergraduate and graduate level;
  • provides information about the standardized tests required by the U.S. universities;
  • offers assistance in filling out application forms for U.S. universities;
  • provides reference books, university guides and video materials.

To reach students, especially in the underserved regions, the advising center offers presentation sessions and materials at local universities, colleges and high schools.


Visiting Hours

Monday-Friday: 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Fulbright EducationUSA Advising Center: 12, Vitosha Blvd., Floor 5, Sofia 1000

All consultations are free of charge.