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PMP®Course based on PMI® Examination Content Outline – January 2021


Project Management Certification Program

Est.Nov.2016, 26 Training Courses, 200 PMP® Training Alumni

    • Our PMP® Exam Prep is in English and takes place in the center of Sofia on 12 Vitosha Blvd.
    • Exceptional post-training support – Fulbright online learning community and regular study group meetings
    • 5-day training sessions with industry experienced trainers
    • PMP® exam preparation materials and a 35 PDU certificate
    • Strategies for passing the updated version of the PMP® exam
    • PMP® Exam Simulator with the updated version of the PMP® exam
    • Project Management consultations and library available for Fulbright Project Management Program alumni
    • Expert assistance with the registration for the PMP® Exam and PMI® application form filling
    • Take your PMP® exam at Fulbright Bulgaria main office in the center of Sofia

PMP® / CAPM® Training




5 days:

January 28-29-30,

February 5-6, 2022


 600 EUR*

5 days:

October 29-30-31,

November 6-7, 2021



For more information: pmcourses@fulbright.bg or +359 889 22 89 49.

*The price does not include VAT.

Fulbright-Bulgaria is a bi-national commission administered by the US Department of State and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Bulgaria.


Project Management Team

Oliver Lehmann, MSc, ACE, PMP®

Team Mentor

Oliver is a world-renowned expert on Project Management, PMP® and Project Business Management trainer. He has been a long-standing member, volunteer and leader of PMI® in various capacities, helping drive the project management industry forward. A consistent and sustained researcher, Oliver is a contributor to the most important body of knowledge in the industry – the PMBOK Guide (4th to 7th Editions), has a number of publications in influential PM media and is the author of several books on project management.
Oliver’s LinkedIn group “I want to be a PMP” is the largest and most active PMP® study group in the world, with 136,070 active members.
In 2019, Oliver co-founded the Project Business Foundation, an international professional association helping project managers adding commercial and legal knowledge to their project management education in order to do better cross-corporate Project Business.



Vili Yankova, PMP®, PMI-ACP®, PSM


Vili is experienced in leading agile IT projects and project management trainings. A clear communicator able to create interaction between diverse audiences, Vili implements her practical solutions to the PMP® training methodology.
She leads her workshops with a structured and pragmatic approach, applying tested methodologies to achieve results with the exam preparation of her students.

Vili is a British/Swedish-educated professional with 8+ years of business experience, of which 6 years of experience in  international IT projects. She has worked on the quality delivery of hardware, software and Internet of Things (IoT) projects.

Currently Vili holds the position of Technical Team Lead | Senior Project Manager at Scalefocus.


Stefan Radev, PhD, PMP®


Stefan is a project management practitioner, researcher, and trainer, helping organizations and individuals improve their work and bring structure to their projects. He has more than 15 years of experience working in the IT industry, NGO, public sector, construction and industrial production.
His academic research is in project management bureaucracy.
Stefan is an Agile practitioner with interest in team and organizational facilitation, and coaching.
He has been a volunteer at PMI® since 2017.
Stefan shares his knowledge and experience through helping, coaching and lecturing, implementing and examining Agile and Waterfall in dynamic environments.
Currently Stefan holds the position of Head of Integrations PMO at Apex Group Ltd.


Lyra Konstantinova

Program Coordinator

A professional administrator who has a long track record of ensuring things run smoothly behind the scenes of a busy team, Lyra makes sure that the highest organizational standards are maintained at all times.

She has experience of working with the general public, both face-to-face and over the telephone and is someone who will always go that extra mile to get things done.

Lyra will be at your side from the moment you enroll for the training until the test day – so that you have everything you need for a successful training experience and exam preparation. As the person responsible for the PMP®Alumni Club meetings, she will be in touch with you to inform you about Project Management events, masterclasses and conferences.



Featured Alumni

New 2021 PMP ® Exam

  • Training March 2021, certified April 2021, Project Manager at UBB

  • Lilyana Marinova

    Training March 2021, certified June 2021, Senior Client Solution Manager, FactSet

  • Training March 2021, certified April 2021, Project Manager at Danone Bulgaria

  • Training October 2020, certified July 2021, Operations Project Manager at equensWorldline Bulgaria

  • Training July 2020, certified June 2021, Event Manager at The Smarts

  • Training October 2020, certified August 2021, Project Manager at Teletek Electronics

At the beginning of the New Year we set new goals, and we also return warmly to the old year – our graduates, such as Boyan Iliev from the Fulbright Bulgaria Project Management Program, bring us joy. Boyan is a project manager at B-EYE and recently became the father of two beautiful twin girls. Despite the challenges of double fatherhood, he managed to prepare for the #PMP exam and pass it successfully in the last days of December ’21, thus making us a wonderful New Year’s gift. Congratulations again, Boyane, we wish you professional success! Many thanks to our wonderful young trainer Vili Mileva Yankova, PMP®, PMI-ACP® for her dedication!

#projectmanagement #successmindset #fatherhood # newyear2022


PMP® Certification Information

To become PMP® certified, you have to meet the eligibility criteria set by PMI® - academic education, project management training and experience. Then you can apply and take the PMP® exam to earn your certificate.

Depending on your level of academic education, the following requirements must be met:

If you have a bachelor’s degree (four-year degree or the global equivalent):

  • 36 months of unique non-overlapping professional management experience leading and directing projects
  • 35 contact hours of project management education/training

If you have a high school diploma, associate’s degree (or global equivalent):

  • 60 months of unique non-overlapping professional management experience leading and directing projects
  • 35 contact hours of project management education/training

Non-overlapping project management experience means that if you worked on multiple projects at the same time in a given month, only one of those projects can count towards the experience requirement for that month. For example, if one project is January 2019 through August 2019 and another is April 2019 through February 2020. Your total months equals 16 unique non-overlapping months.

PMP® Exam Fees

  • PMI® members (the annual membership is $139) –  $405
  • Non-members – $555

Our trainers will help you submit your PMP® Exam Application

  • If you fulfill the PMP® certification requirements, you can register at the PMI website and submit your application for the PMP® exam.
  • After your application has been reviewed and accepted, you will be given an eligibility number, so you can schedule your exam.
  • You are allowed to sit for the exam a maximum of three times during a year (your eligibility period lasts one year from the moment your application is approved).  If you do not pass on the third try you have to wait one year to reapply. And there are costs involved. So be fully prepared to pass on your first try!

Let's take together the first step!


PMP® / CAPM® Course Details

  • Format


    5 days training, 35 hours – PMP®/CAPM®

    The course involves individual and group exercises in order to warrant the optimal understanding of the process of project management and to develop the ability to use it in practice.

    Timetable for each day of the training:

    09:30 - 10:30	Session 1
    10:30 - 10:40	Break
    10:40 - 11:40	Session 2
    11:40 - 11:50	Break
    11:50 - 12:50	Session 3
    13:00 - 14:00	Lunch break
    14:10 - 15:10	Session 4
    15:10 - 15:20	Break
    15:20 - 16:20	Session 5
    16:20 - 16:30	Break
    16:30 - 17:30	Session 6

    The training is to be conducted in English.

  • Overview


    During our 5-day, 35-hour course the current A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge® will be covered in depth and trainees will be shown how to connect and apply the PMI® techniques and understand the logic behind the exam. After each module of the course you will be tested with sample exam questions. The content meets the educational requirements of the Project Management Institute®.


    • Practical advice for the exam from our experienced trainers.
    • Support in the process of application to PMI®.
    • Help in constructing an individual study plan, in-person study group meetings, constant support by the program coordinator.
    • Participants will receive a certificate of completion issued by the Bulgarian-American Fulbright Commission.
  • Development Units

    Development Units

    35 PDUs recognized by Project Management Institute – PMP®/CAPM®

    The PDUs gained in this trainings cover the amount necessary to apply for PMP®, CAPM® and PMI-ACP® Exams.

  • Course Outline

    Course Outline

    1.Create a high-performing team

    • Building a team
    • Defining team ground rules
    • Negotiating project agreements
    • Empowering team members and stakeholders
    • Training team members and stakeholders
    • Engaging and supporting virtual teams
    • Building shared understanding about a project

    2.Start the project

    • Determining the best project methodology, methods and practices for the work
    • Planning and managing scope
    • Planning and managing budgets and resources
    • Planning and managing your schedule
    • Planning and managing quality
    • Planning and managing procurement
    • Integrating project planning activities
    • Establishing a project governance structure
    • Planning and managing project phase closure

    3.Perform project governance

    • Assessing and managing risks
    • Focusing on delivering business value
    • Managing communications
    • Working with stakeholders
    • Creating project artifacts
    • Managing project changes
    • Ensuring knowledge transfer for project continuity

    4.Support team performance

    • Leading a team
    • Addressing and removing impediments, obstacles and blockers
    • Managing conflict
    • Collaborating with stakeholders
    • Mentoring stakeholders
    • Using emotional intelligence to promote team performance

    5.Deliver business value

    • Managing compliance requirements
    • Evaluating and delivering project benefits and value
    • Evaluating and addressing internal and external business environment changes
    • Supporting organizational change
    • Employing continuous process improvement
    • Managing project changes and issues and ensuring knowledge transfer for project continuity
  • Fulbright Bulgaria Project Management Program Complaint Policy
    Fulbright Bulgaria Project Management Program Complaint Policy


    Customer Service and Complaint Resolution Policy


    It is the policy of the Fulbright Bulgaria Project Management Program to strive to improve customer satisfaction by providing a timely and accurate response to complaints and view complaints as an opportunity to improve program service delivery issues.


    The purpose of the Customer Service and Complaint Resolution Policy is to promptly and effectively address program and service delivery concerns raised by the public. The policy will assist to provide excellent service to the public and contribute to the continuous improvement of internal operations. Fulbright Bulgaria Project Management Program strives to increase customer satisfaction by:

    • providing a fair complaint procedure which is clear and easy to use for anyone wishing to make a complaint;
    • providing a timely and accurate response to complaints;
    • using complaints as an opportunity to improve program and service delivery issues.


    A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction related to Fulbright Bulgaria Project Management Program, services, facilities or staff members, where a course participant believes that Fulbright Bulgaria Project Management Program has not provided a service experience to the customer’s satisfaction at the point of service delivery and where a response or resolution is expected. Anonymous complaints cannot be addressed. In order to resolve a complaint, Fulbright Bulgaria Project Management Program requires the complainant’s personal information including name and contact information.

    A complaint is distinct from:

    • a request for additional service made on behalf of a course participant, or to notify the organization that a scheduled course activity was not provided on time,
    • a general enquiry or specific request for information regarding the program,
    • an opinion or feedback, comment, or expression of interest in the program or other course,
    • a suggestion or idea submitted by a customer with the aim of improving services, training programs or processes.

    This policy does not address complaints regarding non-project management program services, issues addressed by legislation or an existing Fulbright Bulgaria by-law, policy or procedure, internal employee complaints or matters that are handled by courts of law, quasi-judicial boards etc.


    All Fulbright Bulgaria Project Management Program employees, including trainers, should have a clear understanding of how complaints are handled by the organization.


    1. Frontline Resolution

    It is the responsibility of the complainant to attempt to resolve concerns by dealing with the applicable Fulbright Bulgaria Project Management Program employee(s) or trainers directly involved with the issue, where appropriate. It is the responsibility of all employees to attempt to resolve issues or concerns before they become complaints and to identify opportunities to improve organization services where deficiencies are noted.

    1. Complaints

    If a complainant believes their matter was not resolved through a frontline resolution, formal complaints may be submitted to the Fulbright Bulgaria Project Management Program. All information, including name and contact information, must be complete to initiate an internal investigation.


    The program coordinator, or designate, shall log the complaint within the ‘Complaint Registry’, assign a tracking number and acknowledgement of receipt of the complaint within 7 business days. During this phase, the program coordinator or designate will:

    1. Contact the complainant, acknowledging receipt of the complaint, and provide a tracking number for reference purposes.
    2. If needed, clarify the complaint with the complainant obtaining additional details.
    3. Transfer complaint to the appropriate employee(s) or trainer(s).


    The Program Coordinator, or designate, shall conduct an investigation into the nature of the complaint. If a complaint is made against the program coordinator, the Executive Director shall conduct the investigation or designate a solicitor or other qualified individual. The designated investigator shall review the issues identified by the complainant, and in so doing they may:

    • Review organization policies, procedures and any existing file documents
    • Interview employees or course participants involved in the issue(s)
    • Identify actions that may be taken to address the complaint or to improve organization operations
    • Provide a resolution report to the program coordinator


    Within thirty (30) calendar days of receipt of the complaint, the designated investigator shall make a determination as to the validity of the complaint (determine that the complaint was valid, not valid, valid in part, vexatious, or unfounded). The designated investigator shall determine the appropriate resolution which may include initiating changes to procedure, initiating a disciplinary process or any other suitable resolution as may be appropriate in the circumstances. A written response will be provided to the complainant and shall include whether or not the complaint was substantiated with reasons for the decision and any actions the organization has or will take as a result. Details of the information provided may include the following:

    • Overview of complaint
    • Detail of how the investigation was conducted
    • Summary of the facts
    • Outline of the findings
    • Identification of next steps
    • Suggestions of appropriate resolution
    • If the complaint is complex, the response provided may identify a need for additional time. Justification and an estimated timeline will be provided within this correspondence.

    The decision will be considered final. There are no appeal mechanisms at the organizational level.

    1. Management of Records & Personal Information

    The program coordinator shall file a copy of the complaint and response. Such records will be maintained in accordance with the GDPR. The organization will adhere to all applicable legislation regarding privacy in accordance with GDPR. All complaint records will be kept securely and in accordance with corporate policy and legislative responsibilities. Personal information on the complaint is treated as confidential to protect the privacy of the complainant.


    Program Coordinator

    • Receives written complaint and logs within database
    • Provides acknowledgement with author within 7 days
    • Forwards copy to appropriate employee(s) or trainer(s) for investigation

    Employee / Trainer / Third Party Investigator

    • Conducts investigation
    • Notifies complainant of decision within 30 days
    • Files a copy of the decision with the program coordinator along with all communication / documentation related to the decision

    Program Coordinator

    • Maintains a record of the file in accordance with GDPR


    Please, submit your complaints:


  • Cancellation Policy
    Cancellation and recovery of payments:

    • For bookings cancelled 15 days or more in advance, full participation fee is refunded.
    • For bookings cancelled between 15 and 7 days prior to the course, 50% of the full participation fee is refunded.
    • For cancellation 7 or less days prior to the course, the participation fee is non-refundable. Participants are given the opportunity to attend another edition of the PMP course.

“PMI, “PMP”and “CAPM” are services and trademarks of the Project Management Institute, Inc. which is registered in the United States and other nations.

You are the genuine value of our program, you wonderful, bright, young professionals!