Grants for Bulgarian citizens

Grants for graduate students (MA, PhD)
Research Programs for Doctoral Students and Scholars
Grants and Fellowships for Professionals
Scholarships for Members of NGOs

Open competitions

Visiting Scholars

Apply by 5 Dec. 22

Lecturing and researching activities for 3-5 months.

Doctoral Students

Apply by 5 Dec. 22

For researchers in advanced stages of their PhD studies – 6-month program.

NGO Members

Apply by 5 Dec. 22

For the development of civil society – 3-5-month program.

MA and PhD Programs

Apply by 1 Feb. 23

New grant: Fulbright Bulgarian Leaders for AY 2023-24 – 10 months.

Core Grants


Graduate Study Grants

MA or PhD degrees in elite universities in the USA available for all fields of science and arts. One acadmic year or 10-month tuition. 


Visiting Scholar Grants in the U.S.

This grant allows Bulgarian scholars and university teachers to work in their field of studies for 3-5 months in the USA.


Non-Degree Research Programs for Doctoral Students

The program is for young researchers in advanced stages of their PhD studies, who can work in elite universities in the USA.


Civil Society Representatives

Grant for the development of civil society. The appilcants need to present an official invitation from an American organization.


Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowships

This program presents experienced specialists with the opportunity to enhance their professional qualifications in elite institutions in the USA.


Fulbright-Schuman Program

Research activities and exchange of experience of European lecturers, researchers, students etc. in the field of European integration.

Grant for Math Scholars

Research activities for one semester by Fulbright in partnership with the University of Miami for mathematicians who hold a PhD.


Study Visit for Journalists

A two-week study visit in the USA for practising journalists who would like to build skills related to reporting on complex issues.


Media Literacy for School Teachers

Grants for boosting middle and high school teachers’ qualifications in the field of media literacy.


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