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Clever, Kind, Tricky and Sly: A Bulgarian Folktale Sampler

On December 12, 2020, the Fulbright Bulgaria community gathered for a fun Zoom performance of storyteller Priscilla Howe’s favorite family-friendly Bulgarian folktales, from the trickster tales of Clever Peter and Kuma Lisa to the wondertale The Neverborn Maiden. The event gathered fans of the art of storytelling, which apart from being the oldest educational method in the world, is just plain fun.

Priscilla spent five months in Sofia in 2015 as a Fulbright Scholar, collecting folktales. She started her career telling stories as a teenage babysitter, traveled abroad and worked as children’s librarian for a while, and in 1993 she quit her job, moved to Lawrence KS and leapt into full-time storytelling. Since then, she has told stories in fourteen countries on four continents, occasionally in French and Bulgarian, but mostly in English, often for ESL students. She performs, teaches occasional classes and workshops, and coaches other storytellers. The folktales she collected during her Fulbright grant in Bulgaria will soon be published by Parkhurst Brothers Publishers, in a book called Clever, Kind, Tricky and Sly: A Bulgarian Folktale Sampler.

If you missed the Zoom meeting, you can still enjoy Priscilla’s wonderful talent as we recorded the entire event and uploaded the video to our YouTube channel: We sincerely thank her for bringing joy to our busy everyday life and setting a great mood for the upcoming holidays.