Dr. Brian Farrell was selected by the Association of American Law Schools Clinical Section as a Bellow Scholar along with is colleague Prof. Daria Fisher Page. The program recognizes and supports innovative research proposals designed to improve the quality of justice in communities, enhance the delivery of legal services, and promote economic and social justice. Brian and Daria’s project looks at rural access to justice in Iowa.

In the past year, Brian participated in a number of conferences and webinars, including:

  • presenting the project “Reframing Assessment of Rural Access to Justice: The Limits of Existing Data” at the Law & Society Association’s Annual Meeting in May (along with my colleague Prof. Daria Fisher Page;)
  • co-organizing the session “International Law Online: How Will the Pandemic Change the Practice of International Law?” at the American Society of International Law’s Annual Meeting in March;
  • participating in the panel “Teaching Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion within a Human Rights Framework” for the Drake University Global Citizen Forum in March.

In July 2021, Brian was promoted to the rank of Associate Professor of Instruction.

Brian authored the article “Habeas Corpus” for the recently launched Elgar Encyclopedia of Human Rights. The Elgar Encyclopedia of Human Rights is the most comprehensive reference work in the field of international human rights protection. Comprising over 340 entries, presented alphabetically, and available online and in print, the Encyclopedia addresses the full range of themes associated with the study and practice of human rights in the modern world. The topics range from substantive human rights to the relevant institutions, legal documents, conceptual and procedural issues of international law and a wide variety of thematic entries. The Encyclopedia has a distinct focus on international human rights law but at the same time is enriched by approaches from the broader social, sciences making it a truly unique and multi-disciplinary resource.

  • Forthcoming article: Daria Fisher Page & Brian Farrell, One Crisis or Two Problems? Disentangling Rural Access to Justice and the Rural Attorney Shortage, 97 Washington Law Review (forthcoming Oct. 2023) (draft available on SSRN).

  • This summer he received the State of Iowa Board of Regents Award for Staff Excellence (here)

  • The fall of 2023 has been the 10th time that Brian has taught the Wrongful Convictions seminar that he created during his Fulbright! He developed and taught the inaugural version in 2012-13 at Sofia University and then adapted it to teach at his home institution where he has taught it nine more times.
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