Other Fulbright Grants


For Bulgarian citizens


Media literacy grants


Thanks to Scandinavia grant


For NGO representatives

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Research activities for one semester by Fulbright in partnership with the University of Miami for mathematicians with PhD.

Sofia Regional Court

Internship program at the SRC initiated by Judge Evgeni Georgiev. Exchange program with Louisiana Federal District Court.

Media literacy for school teachers

Grants for improving teachers’ skills in the area of media literacy.

Fulbright Bulgarian Leaders Grant

For self-placed graduate students – MA and PhD programs. All areas of study in sciences and arts.

Thanks to Scandinavia

The award is presented to express gratitude to Bulgaria for saving the Bulgarian Jews during World War II.

Fulbright-Schuman Grants

Research activities and exchange of experience for European lecturers, researchers, students etc. in the area of European integration.

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