Fulbright alumna Danielle Nutting together with a flutist colleague started an online publication that manifests a mosaic of musical identity, comprising authentic and underrecognized voices in their field. The Collective (https://thecollectiveis.us/ ) is an alternative space for diverse musicians to think critically, creatively, and collaboratively about systemic issues in music and society. As two flutists and close friends, Dani and Elisa began collaborating on the idea of The Collective in Spring 2021 because of their dissatisfaction with systemic dysfunction and with the shortcomings in both institutional and individual responses to broad societal issues. They truly feel that what is missing in our society is a focus on critical thinking. Even in the music field, many major institutions and leading figures have fallen short of critically considering systemic issues. In such an environment, the work and ideas of critical and non-mainstream musicians are unfortunately either co-opted by or buried beneath the status quo. In forming The Collective, they wanted to create a space for critical thinking to thrive, where people can engage in meaningful, intelligent, and transformative conversations about the world and the role of art in our society. We wish them the best of luck in achieving their goal to help musicians find more support and meaning in their daily lives and pursuits, and to empower them to create social and field-wide change.

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