In August 2020, Denis was promoted to full professor. Since his Fulbright time, he published five articles and two book reviews all on Russian-Balkan relations.

“In Search of a Common Enemy: Russo-Turkish Cooperation and Its Discontents (1908-1923),” published online on 7 December 2022 in Middle Eastern Studies

“From Ethnic Hatred to Religious Solidarity: the Rise and Fall of Russophobia in Greece (1830-1924)”, European History Quarterly, 53, 3 (July 2023): 495-519

 “Army and Progress? The Russian and Greek Reactions to the 1903 Coup in Serbia and the Young Turk Revolution of 1908,” under review in Comparative Studies in History and Society

 “A Greek Stooge or a Russian Puppet? Joachim III’s Struggle for Autonomy of the Patriarchate of Constantinople (1864-1912)”, published online 26 August 2023 in Middle Eastern Studies

“Through Distant & Distorted Mirrors: the Ideological Currents among the Russian Émigrés in Interwar Yugoslavia in the Writings of Ivan Dorba” (in Russian), Aleksei Timofeev et al eds., The Centennial of Two Emigrations, 1919-2019 (Moscow-Belgrade: Informatika, 2019), 381-390 (

 “A Pan-Slav Frustration: the Russian Perceptions of the Bosnians and the Pomaks during the Eastern Crisis (1875-1878),” Srpske Studije/Serbian Studies, 11 (2020): 88-95

“From Integration to Isolation: the Changing Status of Russian Diplomatic and Military Personnel in the Greek Lands (1905-1925),” Balkanistica, 34 (2021): 161-172

“Caring for the Sick Man? Russian and Greek Reactions to the Ottoman Reforms (1856-1908),” Middle Eastern Studies, forthcoming

“Ignoring Nationalism? Religious, Corporate, Materialistic, Regional, and Dynastic Options on Mt Athos, 1839-1912,” Nations & Nationalism, forthcoming

Review of Victor Taki, Tsar and Sultan: Russian Encounters with the Ottoman Empire (London: I.B. Tauris, 2016). Forthcoming in Canadian Slavonic Papers, 52, 3-4 (September-December 2020): 524-527

Review of Roland Clark, Holy Legionary Youth: Fascist Activism in Interwar Romania (Ithaca and London: Cornell University Press, 2015), H-War, September 2020

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