Dr. Julia St. Stefanova was a Fulbright Visiting Scholar to the American University in Washington D.C. in AY 2017-18 working on the Development of the Capital Markets in Selected Latin American Countries. 

Here are a few activities she has been involved in or has been preparing to undertake in 2023/2024:

1) Successfully finalized collective research project at the Economic Research INstitute at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences:


2) Submitted document package for participation in academic contest for the position of Associate Professor at Economic Academy “D.A Tsenov” Svishtov – pending the result of the competition;
3) Preparing a new individual academic research project at Economic Research Institute on the indicative topic of “Preparation for Capital Markets Union: the case of Bulgarian and the Baltic stock markets”

4) Preparing publication (in Bulgaria or abroad) of two academic reports on the topics of “Financialization and its implications on frontier stock markets: the case of Bulgaria” and “Deglobalization trends on frontier stock markets: challenges for Bulgaria”

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