Larry A. DiMatteo took part in a unique collaboration between academic scholars, legal practitioners, and arbitrators, helping edit two handbooks: one focusing on the intersection of arbitration – as an alternative to litigation – and the court systems to which arbitration is ultimately beholden (The Cambridge Handbook of Judicial Control of Arbitral Awards), and the other  –  analyzing the ongoing evolution of smart contracts, based upon blockchain technology, from the perspective of existing legal frameworks – namely, contract law (The Cambridge Handbook of Smart Contracts, Blockchain Technology and Digital Platforms).

Larry A. DiMatteo is the Huber Professor at the Warrington College of Business and the Levin College of Law at the University Florida. He received a J.D. Cornell Law School; LL.M. Harvard Law School; and Ph.D. Monash University. He is a past winner of the University of Florida’s Teacher-Scholar of the Year; former Editor-in-Chief of the American Business Law Journal; 2012 Fulbright Scholar at Sofia University, Bulgaria; and author or co-author of 150 publications including 14 books. His books include, International Sales Law:  Principles, Contracts and Practice (2nd ed. Beck, Hart, & Nomos 2021) (Janssen, Schulze & Magnus); Judicial Control over Arbitral Awards (ed. Cambridge University Press 2020); Cambridge Handbook of Smart Contracts, Blockchain Technology and Digital Platforms (ed. Cambridge University Press 2020); Chinese Contract Law:  Civil and Common Law Perspectives (ed. Cambridge University Press 2017); Comparative Contract Law:  British and American Perspectives (Oxford University Press 2016) (M. Hogg). Professor DiMatteo has been a Visiting Professor at University of Münster; Bocconi University; University of Catania; University of Leicester; University of Warsaw; City University Hong Kong; University of Torino, Jagellionian University, University of Bologna & State University Mohyla Academy (Ukraine).

Recent publications:

Larry A. DiMatteo, Principles of Contract Law & Theory (Edward Elgar Publishing 2023)

Larry A. DiMatteo, A. Janssen, U. Magnus & R. Schulze, International Sales Law (2d ed., C.H. Beck, Hart Publishing & Nomos Publishing, 2022) 

Larry A. DiMatteo & M. Cannarsa (eds.), Metaverse and Law (under contract with (Edward Elgar Publishing 2024)

Larry A. DiMatteo, C. Poncibo & G. Howells (eds.), Artificial Intelligence and Consumers Cambridge University Press 2024)

Larry A. DiMatteo, C. Poncibo & M. Cannarsa (eds.), Artificial Intelligence: Global Perspectives on Law and Ethics (Cambridge University Press 2022)

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