Fulbright International Seminar 2022

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Hybrid event – in-person and Zoom attendance  

Strategies for Strengthening Democracy and Rule of Law: National and International Perspectives

20-23 Oct. 2022

The Bulgarian Fulbright Commission is pleased to invite PhD, MA and BA students (in year 3 or 4), civic activists and professionals, interested in improving democratic and legal practices in their communities to participate in the 2022 FIS “Strategies for Strengthening Democracy and Rule of Law: National and International Perspectives”.

The topic explores the effects of the rule of law on national governance and on maintaining international order. We will be tracing points of tension along the following discussion points:

  • Justice, Civic Awareness and Rule of Law in Young Democracies;
  • Defining National Interest on Supranational and International Level;
  • The Role of High Courts and Constitutional Courts in Shaping Public Opinion;
  • Challenges to Rule-of-Law Based International Order


In the process of discussion, we will be looking for answers to questions like:

What are the problems in the functioning of post-communist justice systems? What is the role of NGOs in accelerating transformations in political and legal culture? What is the role of democratic institutions and the judiciary in defining and defending national interest? How do High and Constitutional Courts shape public opinion? To what extent do deficiencies in enforcement and implementation presuppose the current crisis in international order?

The speakers include:

The speakers include international experts in Legal Studies, Sociology, Political Science, National and International Security. Seminar participants will be able to interact with leading US, EU and Bulgarian academics, judges and lawyers, European Members of Parliament, security specialists and international policy makers.

Some of our keynote speakers include

Dr. Balint Magyar a leading Hungarian sociologist, author of “The Post-Communist Mafia State: The Case of Hungary” and “The Anatomy of Post-Communist Regimes”

Judge Jane Milazzo of the United States District Court, Eastern District of Louisiana

Judge Alexander Arabadjiev from the European Court of Justice

Judge Ekaterina Trendafilova – a former member of the International Criminal Court and President of the Kosovo Specialist Chamber

Prof. Gentian Zyberi from the Norwegian Center for Human Rights.

Distinguished and talented speakers like Judge Yonko Grozev, MEP Radan Kanev, Judge Soniya Yankulova, Assoc. Prof. Kacper Gradon, and many more illustrious specialists are featured in the panel sessions and the workshops.

The purpose of the seminar:

The purpose of the seminar is to provide context to and knowledge about the current challenges to rule-of-law based governance. It aims to equip the participants with understanding, skills and practical tools to analyze the dynamic connection between public opinion and legislation, between democratic institutions and their legal foundations. It boosts participants’ professional and academic profiles by offering certification and an opportunity for international publication. FIS 2022 enables lecturers and students to establish international connections, create institutional linkages and form professional networks.

Fulbright International Seminar 2022

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Online attendance

The Seminar will be a hybrid event, held both online and in person. Attend the seminar from the comfort of your home or office.

In-person registration

Please note that the capacity for in-person participation is limited, and we will accept registrations on a first come, first served basis.

Featured Talks

Maria Kostova

Maria Kostova

Program coordinator for scholarship holders from Bulgaria

Rada Kaneva

Rada Kaneva

Program Coordinator for US Fellows

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