Radostina Angelova is CEO of Global Metrics company and holds a PhD in Economics from Sofia University. A sociologist, Dr. Angelova is currently doing research in econometrics as a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at Bentley University. She shares her impressions of her Fulbright experience below: 

Radostina Angelova:  

Bentley University gave me a friendly welcome on a sunny September day. What an inspiring and beautiful place! After a short walk, I realized that the students here have everything they need to develop their skills, to prepare for the start of their careers and to follow their dreams, including a wonderful library containing outstanding resources, both in terms of number and content, and multiple functional areas for individual and group work. This library turned out to be not only my favorite place, but also the go-to spot for many other Bentley fellows I got to know. What really impressed me were the tremendous resources available to faculty and students, and by resources, I don’t just mean funding that is invariably needed to support the campus, student services and teaching. I mean all the resources that are mobilized to educate future leaders—a variety of support services for students, a collection of real-life case studies, and opportunities to communicate with representatives of leading businesses and to try cutting-edge software products. Videos and interviews are often used in the lectures, which are combined with results from academic research and theory, practical assignments, and weekly homework with detailed feedback for each student or team. Graduates experience the perfect mix of teaching techniques that are results-oriented. 

Bentley‘s motto is “Where good business begins.” The mission continues: “Bentley University is a place for success of leaders who set out to create positive change in our communities, organizations and the world.By getting to know the environment and the people, I made sure that these words would be filled with content. I realized that the effort to continuously improve every element of students’ experience, along with the effort to be in tune with the latest trends in science and business, is what makes the difference. 

Last but not least, Bentley University is very inclusive—not only from the point of view of creating learning conditions for people with specific needs and/or disabilities, for whom support, resources and technologies are available, but also as a multicultural environment that benefits from academic and human communication and exchange. I hope I will be able to bring all these positive practices back to Bulgaria and to trigger change as much as possible in my home community.  

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