Sarah Perrine

Executive Director, Trust for Social Achievement

Sarah is the founder and CEO of the Trust for Social Achievement (TSA), a Bulgarian grantmaking nongovernmental organization. TSA is dedicated to helping people reach their full potential and works to create opportunities for disadvantaged groups, with a focus on the Roma, many of whom live below the poverty line. Sarah sets the strategic direction of the Trust and provides executive leadership, including the recruitment and engagement of a board of directors. She delivers ongoing capacity-building and support for the development of staff, identifies best practices inside Bulgaria and abroad, and ensures that programs and activities are developed, executed and modified in ways that achieve maximum mission impact. Sarah first came to Bulgaria in 1999 as a Peace Corps Volunteer, when she had the opportunity to live with a Roma family, inspiring a lifelong engagement with the community. She received a Fulbright award in 2002 to conduct research in Bulgaria on emerging leadership trends in Roma communities. She has experience in the private, nonprofit, and public sector, including engagement as a Program Officer with the America for Bulgaria Foundation and work as a Foreign Affairs Officer and a Presidential Management Fellow with the U.S. State Department and USAID.

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