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American standardized admission tests


Most U.S. colleges, universities and graduate programs will require that you take one or more standardized admissions tests.


All undergraduate applicants must submit TOEFL test.


All applicants to Fulbright and other scholarships administered by the Bulgarian-American Fulbright Commission are required to have a valid TOEFL score


Candidates in economics and most of all other except law must submit a GRE score


Business administration candidates are also required to have a GMAT score

Computer based testing

The iBT TOEFL, GRE, CFA, ERB, SOA, EPSO, API, IRS, CISI and many other tests uncluding language tests for obtaining UK Visa are available year-round at Prometric Testing Center, Sofia

Test Center Code: APCU-8007

Information about the iBT TOEFL, GRE and other tests

Test Sessions

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 09:30 – 14:00

Information on the phone

Monday and Thursday: 10:00 – 12:00, 14:00 – 17:00

Test Room

There are 11 seats for testing available at the site.


Please note that at the test center we only administer the tests delivery and do not process test registrations.

To register online, or to check whether the test you are interested in is offered on a particular date and in a preferred authorized test center, please refer to the ETS website, if you are a candidate of an academic institution, or visit the Prometric web site if you are looking for a certification in the corporate and professional fields.

  • The iBT TOEFL has set test dates; it is not administered on demand.
  • Note that not all testing sites may offer the IBT on all test dates
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